What is Gospel Song Celebration?

It is the organization Noel Wilson, composer/director, has envisioned for 5 years. He desired to create a professionally produced, yet interactive and shared musical experience high-lighting Gospel Songs from Fannie Crosby to the Gaither era.


Noel Wilson

Noel Wilson: Noel began arranging and writing in the early 60’s. He directed a professional orchestra at the Opera House in San Francisco and other venues while he served as a music Minister in the SF bay area. For the next 30 years he was a professor of music at Bethany, and Vanguard Universities. His choirs have traveled throughout the US, to Fiji, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada and more. At present Noel is the music Minister at the Village Church of Laguna Woods.




Noel gathered a team of musicians and business leaders who are alumni of Vanguard University to help create and administer this effort and we are excited about the results.

“Our committee is providing vital assistance to make this dream become reality. If you enjoy Gospel music, orchestra, quartets and the old “Sing-a-Longs, then this is a chance to experience a quality concert.”

GSC: “Gospel Song Celebration” Steering Committee

  • Sharon Aguilera
  • James Carter
  • Frank & Denise Heinrichs
  • Jerry Meng
  • Noel & Lynora Wilson